An Ancient Adversary

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An Ancient Adversary
Campaign: Act 7, Mission 2

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With Sigrid and her plan put to rest, our heroes face a yet mightier foe.
Defeat Elodie!
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Map Type: Campaign
No of Players: 1
Alliances: 7v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
Elodie playable in Multiplayer
Elodie playable in Arcade
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❮ The Reckoning
The Enemy Within ❯


An Ancient Adversary is the 2nd mission in Act 7 of the single player campaign.

Completing this mission concludes the main story, and rolls the game's credits. Winning this battle also unlocks a path the Epilogue mission, which can only be played once the player has earned 100 Stars (Menu Icon Achievements.png).


As you don't have any regural units in this mission, you'll have to rely exclusively on your commanders to fight. This is both a blessing and a curse, as the enemy will be easily baited to attack anything they can, but you have to be careful not to let any of your commanders get surrounded. Losing even one will result in instant defeat. You may still obtain units with the use of grooves such as Valder's Rise Dead and Nuru's Teleport Beam.

Until you reach a certain point in the mission, Elodie will also use her powers to take control of one of your commanders during her turn. The commander under Elodie's control will have their groove charged instantly and will be able to attack. The player is given notice in the turn immediately preceeding the takeover. The commander is only controlled for 1 turn, and will lose all their groove upon returning to your side. If you have a groove charging or ready, it's recommended to use it quickly, especially if the commander is about to be mind-controlled. Because of that, it's recommended to play semi-aggressively, advancing as much as possible while keeping yourself healthy with Healing Aura. In a pinch, you can dive into the enemy lines with the commander that's been mind-controlled, as they will not be attacked by Elodie's troops while under her influence. The order in which the commanders are mind-controlled is fixed, and Koji will be the first one to be affected.

Usefulness of grooves: Mercia will never be taken over by Elodie, so you can rely on her Healing Aura to keep the army going. Use her offensively or to finish off low-HP troops as often as you can. Valder's groove charges incredibly fast, and the raised skeleton can be put between a mind-controlled commander and the rest of the party, significantly reducing the impact of Elodie's seleceted minion. Ragna's Shield Jump, despite it's slow charge, is an amazing tool for opening engagements. Even if you put her right in the thick of it by jumping between a dozen enemy soldiers, your remaining commanders will be able to finish the weakened units quickly. This damage will not decrease even if she's severely imjured. Cesar's inspire can give you up to 4 turns at the cost of one, and can be used to get someone else's groove to full, and use it within the same turn.


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