An Ancient Adversary

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An Ancient Adversary
Campaign: Act 7, Mission 2

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With Sigrid and her plan put to rest, our heroes face a yet mightier foe.
Defeat Elodie!
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Map Type: Campaign
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (23 Turns)
S-Rank: 19 Turns
Elodie playable in Multiplayer
Elodie playable in Arcade
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Elodie Codex entry
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❮ The Reckoning
The Enemy Within ❯

An Ancient Adversary is the 2nd mission in Act 7 of the single player campaign. This is the final mission of the main story, and upon completion the game's credits will roll.

You play as a united force of the Commanders of Aurania, facing off against Requiem's bearer, Princess Elodie

Finishing the mission gives the player access to Elodie in all modes of the game.


Victory: Defeat Elodie

Defeat: Any ally Commander is defeated

Completion Rewards[edit]

Rank Turn Requirement Rewards
D 42
C 34 Menu Icon Achievements.png
B 27 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
A 23 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png
S 19 Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png Campaign S-Rank Flag.png


  • Elodie playable in Multiplayer mode.
  • Elodie playable in Arcade mode.
  • Elodie's entry in the Codex, including her summary stats.
  • Access to Gallery images 43 ~ 47, featuring Elodie concept art. (Note: Images must still be unlocked with StarsMenu Icon Achievements.png)
  • Access to Epilogue, The Enemy Within. (Note: 100 StarsMenu Icon Achievements.png must be obtained to play the mission)


An Ancient Adversary map

The player begins with 1500 gold. This is used for Nuru's groove.

All Grooves are functional, this includes summong additional units using Valder, Nuru, and Koji.

Most units will not advance on the player until the Ally army approaches their respective area, or is damaged by a Sparrow Bomb. The final group has a special exception to Sparrow Bombs, and will only advance on the player when land units approach them.

Every 2 turns, one ally Commander will alert the player they hear music. On Elodie's turn, they will become possessed and convert to Elodie's side. Upon possession, they gain 100% Groove, and will either attack the closest target, or use their groove. For most Commanders they prioritise attacking other Commanders, unless they would deal too little damage, in which case they favour their Groove (In Ragna's case, she will almost always use her Groove instead).

At the end of Elodie's turn, the Commander will be returned to normal, and be left with 0% Groove (regardless of their Groove before possession).

The Commanders are possessed in a fixed rotating sequence. Mercia is the only Commander who will never be possessed. The sequence is listed below:

  1. Koji
  2. Nuru
  3. Ragna
  4. Caesar
  5. Valder
  6. Emeric

Upon approaching the final confrontation with Elodie, any possessions will be cancelled, and Elodie will no longer attempt to possess Commanders. At this point, Elodie will begin to advance on the player.

Elodie herself is made extremely powerful. She receives only half damage from all sources, and has 15% health regeneration (as opposed to the standard 5% of Commanders). Though, she will not use her Groove once in battle.


15th September, Dragon's Cradle

With Sigrid defeated, only Requiem itself remains. What they discover is a woman--a phantom of Princess Elodie of Cacophony, and Requiem the instrument she wields. Unfortunately, they are unable to convince the spirit of Elodie of their intent to destroy Requiem, and she believes they will be drawn by Requiem's call. They decide the only way forward, is to fight. But before they even begin, Elodie entrances them to sleep. Until a waterlogged Ragna suddenly arrives screaming murder against Sigrid for leaving her to walk through the ocean, and awakens the many commanders. Valder explains the situation, and Ragna joins in to crush Elodie--together, they can resist Elodie's power.

With Elodie finally defeated, Requiem lies benign on the ground. The world is rescued, for now. But Mercia has other ideas. She sees the Cherryblade as a sign she was entrusted to take down Requiem, and believes if she can out-will Requiem's influence, she can bring an end to the weapon. But, if she fails, she risks becoming the very calamity they sought to prevent. Refusing to heed their warnings, Mercia grasps Requiem... But what will become of her?


As you don't have any regular units in this mission, you'll have to rely exclusively on your commanders to fight. This is both a blessing and a curse, as the enemy will be easily baited to attack anything they can, but you have to be careful not to let any of your commanders get surrounded. Losing even one will result in instant defeat. You may still obtain units with the use of grooves such as Valder's Rise Dead and Nuru's Teleport Beam.

Until you reach a certain point in the mission, Elodie will also use her powers to take control of one of your commanders during her turn. The commander under Elodie's control will have their groove charged instantly and will be able to attack. The player is given notice in the turn immediately preceeding the takeover. The commander is only controlled for 1 turn, and will lose all their groove upon returning to your side. If you have a groove charging or ready, it's recommended to use it quickly, especially if the commander is about to be mind-controlled. Because of that, it's recommended to play semi-aggressively, advancing as much as possible while keeping yourself healthy with Healing Aura.

In a pinch, you can dive into the enemy lines with the commander that's been mind-controlled, as they will not be attacked by Elodie's troops while under her influence.

The order in which the commanders are mind-controlled is fixed: Koji > Nuru > Ragna > Valder > Caesar > Emeric.

Usefulness of grooves

Mercia will never be taken over by Elodie, so you can rely on her Healing Aura to keep the army going. Use her offensively or to finish off low-HP troops as often as you can. Valder's groove charges incredibly fast, and the raised skeleton can be put between a mind-controlled commander and the rest of the party, significantly reducing the impact of Elodie's seleceted minion.

Ragna's Shield Jump, despite it's slow charge, is an amazing tool for opening engagements. Even if you put her right in the thick of it by jumping between a dozen enemy soldiers, your remaining commanders will be able to finish the weakened units quickly. This damage will not decrease even if she's severely imjured.

Cesar's inspire can give you up to 4 turns at the cost of one, and can be used to get someone else's groove to full, and use it within the same turn.


Opening Cutscene
(Enter Mercia and company)

Mercia Neutral.png What... Who is that?!

(Enter Elodie)

Mercia Neutral.png !!

Elodie Neutral.png Who dares enter this place?

Mercia Neutral.png Are you Requiem?

Elodie Neutral.png I am Princess Elodie of Cacophony...

Elodie Sad.png Sacrified by my own hand to this instrument of death.

Elodie Neutral.png The weapon I bear is Requiem.

Nuru Neutral.png ...It's a Cello.

Elodie Neutral.png It is a bringer of ruin.

Elodie Sad.png My soul is tethered to it. We are slave to one another.

Elodie Neutral.png I will not let you claim it.

Mercia Extra.png Claim it? I don't want Requiem. None of us do!

Elodie Sad.png Perhaps you do not think so, but it is Requiem's nature to twist desire.

Elodie Neutral.png To seduce with the promise of power.

Elodie Neutral.png Requiem will bend you to its will.

Elodie Sad.png It seeks a wielder. It craves darkness.

Elodie Neutral.png And it rejoices at your presence.

Mercia Extra.png But we--

Elodie Sad.png No. I gave my life to protect the world from this weapon...

Elodie Sad.png ...and if I must, I will take yours to keep you from it.

Mercia Extra.png Elodie!

Emeric Neutral.png Mercia, you can't reason with her.

Emeric Neutral.png She's a wraith - a shadow of someone long gone, resolved to a single purpose.

Valder Neutral.png Your mage is right. Words will not help.

Valder Neutral.png We have but one recourse...

Mercia Extra.png We have to fight...

Koji Happy.png We'll fight together!

Nuru Happy.png Together we can take her!

Caesar Happy.png Woof!

Mercia Extra.png ...

Mercia Neutral.png Yeah, let's do it!

Elodie Neutral.png I am sorry. I cannot let you leave.

Emeric Neutral.png What is she...?

(Commanders become entranced)

Elodie Neutral.png It's over...

(Enter Ragna)

Ragna Sad.png Lousy, stinking vampire!

Ragna Sad.png Leaving me to drown!

Ragna Sad.png I'll obliterate her!

Ragna Sad.png I'll rip her pointy ears from her pasty head and RAM THEM DOWN HER THROAT!

Ragna Sad.png I'll--

Ragna Sad.png !!

Ragna Neutral.png WAKE UP!

Ragna Neutral.png What the heck is going on?!

Valder Sad.png Sigrid betrayed us.

Valder Sad.png Queen Mercia defeated her.

Valder Sad.png And now this phantom is our foe.

Ragna Neutral.png ...

Ragna Neutral.png Oh. Okay.

Ragna Happy.png I'LL TEAR YOU TO PIECES!

Mission Dialogue

Introduction Dialogue

Elodie Neutral.png Armies of Aurania, hear Requiem's call!

(Elodie Groove)

Ragna Sad.png Hey! What the heck just happened?!

Mercia Extra.png Our troops! She's taken them!

Emeric Neutral.png You're right, My Queen... This is Requiem's power.

Koji Sad.png What are we going to do?

Mercia Extra.png Don't worry, Koji. It's going to be okay. We just have to reach Elodie.

Nuru Happy.png Right! Last one there is a rotten snuffish!

Start of Ally's turn 3

Mercia Extra.png If even one of us is defeated, Elodie will finish us all off! Don't forget, we need each other.

Emeric Neutral.png Her Majesty is right - we must stand together.

Start of Ally's turn 5

Koji Sad.png I hope we get out of here alive...

Valder Neutral.png Few who venture into the Dragon's Cradle leaves with their lives.

Nuru Neutral.png Ease up, Mr. Sunshine... you're scaring the kid.

Valder Sad.png ...Oh. Of course, I meant to say... We will be fine, I am sure.

Nuru Neutral.png ...Convincing.

Start of Ally's turn 9

Elodie Neutral.png Requiem drew you here... And Requiem will be your end.

Elodie Neutral.png If only the mortal heart were not so easily corrupted.

Start of Ally's turn 15

Elodie Sad.png You fight for ruin...

Elodie Neutral.png But you will not leave this place. The curse of Requiem will remain in Dragon's Cradle.

Mercia Extra.png Listen to us! We don't want Requiem!

Elodie has 5 units remaining

Elodie Neutral.png You are strong, but I will not be overcome.

Mercia Extra.png Please, Princess Elodie--

Elodie Sad.png Do not speak. Your words are meaningless.

Elodie Neutral.png I will defeat you, and Requiem will enter its slumber once more.

Ragna Sad.png ERGH! She's so annoying! Let's just crush her already!!

Nuru Sad.png Yeah... I'm with the rag doll on this one.

Elodie last enemy standing

Nuru Neutral.png She's all alone!

Koji Happy.png This is our chance!

Start of Ally turn when any ally has 100% Groove

Mercia Neutral.png We might have lost our troops, but we still have our Grooves.

Mercia Neutral.png Let's make the best of them!

Imminent Possession (Koji, first time)

Koji Sad.png I... I can hear music... inside my head. What's happening?

Imminent Possession (Koji)

Koji Sad.png Oh no, I can hear the music again!

Commander Possession (Koji, first time)

Elodie Neutral.png You hear the music. You know Requiem's will. Do as I command.

(Elodie Groove)

Koji Neutral.png Yes, ma'am.

Commander Released (Koji, first time)

Koji Sad.png Oh no!! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt anyone!

Nuru Neutral.png Hey, it's alright. We know it wasn't you.

Emeric Neutral.png Indeed. It was Requiem. Its magic is strong.

Mercia Extra.png We have to be careful. Talk to each other. If one of us feels weird, we tell the others.

Imminent Possession (Nuru)

Nuru Sad.png It's happening! There's music playing in my head!

Commander Possession (Nuru, first time)

Elodie Neutral.png Come, creature - heed Requiem's call. Unleash the wildness within.

(Elodie Groove)

Nuru Neutral.png This is going to be fun!

Commander Released (Nuru, first time)

Nuru Sad.png Sorry, guys... I couldn't get her out of my head.

Imminent Possession (Ragna)

Ragna Sad.png Ugh. I can hear the music... THIS IS SO LAME!

Commander Possession (Ragna, first time)

Elodie Neutral.png Requiem feels your rage. Use it.

(Elodie Groove)

Ragna Happy.png YESSS!

Commander Released (Ragna, first time)

Ragna Sad.png GRRR! Stupid, cruddy music! STUPID, CRUDDY PRINCESS! STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!!

Imminent Possession (Caesar)

Caesar Extra.png Whine...

Mercia Extra.png Caesar? What is it...? Can you hear the music?

Commander Possession (Caesar, first time)

Elodie Neutral.png That's a good boy. Do as Requiem commands.

(Elodie Groove)

Caesar Neutral.png Arf!

Commander Released (Caesar, first time)

Caesar Extra.png Whimper.

Imminent Possession (Valder)

Valder Sad.png I hear Requiem's song. I feel its insidious magic at work... Distance yourselves.

Commander Possession (Valder, first time)

Elodie Neutral.png With Requiem's help, you can earn the respect you deserve. Show them your power.

(Elodie Groove)

Valder Happy.png I am the Lord of Death. All are subject to me.

Commander Released (Valder, first time)

Valder Sad.png I lost control...
Imminent Possession (Emeric)

Emeric Sad.png Keep your distance from me, all of you. I hear Requiem's call.

Commander Possession (Emeric, first time)

Elodie Neutral.png You have great power, mage. Requiem asks only that you use it.

(Elodie Groove)

Emeric Neutral.png Let magic's will be done.

Commander Released (Emeric, first time)

Emeric Sad.png What a repulsive power... I am sorry, my friends.

'Possession Cancelled (Koji)

Koji Happy.png Hey, the music stopped!

'Possession Cancelled (Nuru)

Nuru Happy.png Hey guys, I don't hear the music any more!

'Possession Cancelled (Ragna)

Ragna Happy.png HA! That stupid music is GONE!!

'Possession Cancelled (Caesar)

Caesar Happy.png Arf arf!

Mercia Neutral.png Caesar, you seem better! Has the music stopped?

'Possession Cancelled (Valder)

Valder Neutral.png The song is fading... Requiem's magic no longer afflicts me.

'Possession Cancelled (Emeric)

Emeric Neutral.png Hmm, the music stopped... It seems Elodie has abandoned that particular tactic.

Ally army approaches Elodie

Elodie Neutral.png Your lives are forfeit. The time has come for you to die.

Mercia Extra.png Looks like Elodie's joining the fight herself! Careful everyone!

Defeat Elodie

Mercia Neutral.png We... did it.

Mercia is defeated

Emeric Sad.png Mercia! No!

Elodie Sad.png You stood together, now you will fall as one.

Emeric is defeated

Mercia Sad.png Emeric! No!

Elodie Sad.png You stood together, now you will fall as one.

Caesar is defeated

Mercia Sad.png Caesar! No!

Elodie Sad.png You stood together, now you will fall as one.

Nuru is defeated

Koji Sad.png Nuru! No!

Elodie Sad.png You stood together, now you will fall as one.

Koji is defeated

Nuru Sad.png Koji!!

Elodie Sad.png You stood together, now you will fall as one.

Valder is defeated

Ragna Sad.png VALDER!! NOO!

Elodie Sad.png You stood together, now you will fall as one.

Ragna is defeated

Valder Sad.png Ragna... This cannot be!

Elodie Sad.png You stood together, now you will fall as one.

Completion Cutscene

Koji Happy.png WAHOO!

Caesar Happy.png AROOOO!

Nuru Happy.png We... are amazing!

Emeric Happy.png I quite agree!

Valder Neutral.png Yes. Even I must admit.

Valder Neutral.png This group is not half as deficient as I had assumed.

Nuru Happy.png Hang ong, hang on, hang on. Did Valder just say something... nice?!

Valder Neutral.png It is not too late for me to rescind my comment...

Nuru Happy.png Haha! You crack me up, skullface!

Ragna Neutral.png Don't call him skullface, mulchmouth!

Koji Neutral.png I can't wait to tell Mom about all this!

Emeric Neutral.png You're going to tell your mother that you risked your life fighting an apocalyptic force?

Koji Happy.png Yeah! I think she'll be really proud!

Valder Neutral.png ...What a singularly interesting parental methodology.

Emeric Neutral.png Mercia...?

Mercia Sad.png Dad knew it would come to this...

Mercia Sad.png I think if he'd lived, he would have told me about it all one day.

Mercia Extra.png He gave me the Cherryblade.

Mercia Extra.png He clearly wanted me to look after Requiem's key!

Mercia Extra.png You know what that means, right?

Emeric Neutral.png Mercia, no!

Koji Neutral.png What? What does it mean?

Mercia Extra.png It means Requiem is my responsibility.

Valder Neutral.png Do not touch it, girl!

Valder Neutral.png At best, you can only hope to meet the same fate as Princess Elodie.

Emeric Neutral.png We can't risk that happening to you.

Mercia Extra.png We can't risk leaving it here! If we don't destroy Requiem now...

Mercia Extra.png ...It will find a way to hurt people again.

Mercia Extra.png Maybe Valder's right... But maybe he's wrong.

Mercia Extra.png Maybe, if I give it my all, I can defeat Requiem.

Emeric Neutral.png MERCIA, DON'T--

Unused Dialogue

Ragna Shield Jumps into lava

Ragna Sad.png GAH! LAVA IS HOT!


  • Within the stage is an event to have Ragna scream about the lava if she Shield Jumps into the "River" terrain at the North of the map (see Unused Dialogue). However, as of Version 2.0, the Volcano biome is now usable in the editor, and was updated to ensure Commanders can no longer walk on Volcano river (and by extension, Ragna cannot target to Shield Jump onto it). This makes it impossible to trigger the event without modifying the stage.
  • This mission has the most number of "Events" for any map in the game, at 79.
    • It is also the only mission in the game to use the "Stars" Condition.