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Wargroove supports multiplayer up to 4 human players in either online or local play. You can also add up to 4 AI players if the map/campaign supports it.[1]

Local Play[edit]

Local (or "Offline") is available for up to 4 human players. Players can play in hot-seat mode or their own controllers.

You can set the turn timer to either default (Asynchronous) or to a set time limit.

When selecting Commanders, you can assign which ones you want to be Human players and which ones that are AI players. You have to select the commander for the option to appear.

Nintendo Switch in handheld mode[edit]

Pass the Nintendo Switch back and forth in handheld mode.

By using handheld mode players can 'hide' what their battlefield looks like when playing with 'fog of war' enabled.


See also: Campaign

Players can play Co-op Campaigns, including both the Double Trouble campaign and downloaded custom campaigns.

To play these locally, go to the Story menu, and select Campaign. Either select the Co-op Campaign to play the official Double Trouble campaign on your local save file, or select to play a custom campaign which. If the campaign allows for more than one player, you can take control each turn by holding down any button for 1 second at the start of the turn.


There are several modes for Online play.


See also: Quickplay Maps

Quickplay matches you with any available player in the quick-play queue with an automatically assigned ruleset and settings. Quickplay matches are always 1v1 fights. The rules will always use the default of the chosen map, with the Quickplay Timer. These rules are provided immediately upon matching with a player, and can be viewed in the Match Settings. It is not possible to change the match settings without making a new match.

During matching, Quickplay provides each player a hidden rating on their skill, to better match players with opponents of the same skill. If there is a great disparity between available players' skills, they may not match for some time due, as it searches for additional players to allow for a fairer match. It is not known how the rating is calculated, nor is there any available method to view the rating of any players.

If the player leaves or disconnects from the Quickplay match at any time, they can still rejoin. Upon reconnecting to the Online multiplayer lobbies, the player will be prompted to rejoin or abandon the match, and will be unable to select any other lobby before making this decision. Regardless, their turn timer will continue to count down during their turn regardless of if they rejoin or not.

Hosting and Lobbies[edit]

Online players can host sessions with a map of their choice (including any custom map currently uploaded to the Custom Content browser) with their own match settings, and invite other players across the internet to join. After selecting to "Host a Match", the player can select the type of session they want, including Skirmish, Scenario, or Campaign. For Skirmish maps, they will be able to set custom match settings including income levels, timers, and the visual style of the map.

After selecting a match type and any settings, the player can then set a lobby name. This name is what will be shown on any players and spectrators on their "My lobbies" screen. They can also set the match to "Private" or "Public". If set to Public, the match will be publically visible on the "Public lobbies" screen, otherwise it will not be shown.

Once a lobby is opened, a code will be shown, this is the unique identifier for the lobby. Any player can join to play or spectate by entering this code into the "Join by Code" option under "New Match". You can always find the code again listed under "My lobbies".

Viewing the "Public Lobbies" screen shows all available lobbies set to Public which are not yet full. Selecting these allows players to immediately join new lobbies. As soon as a lobby has a player in each slot, it will be automatically removed from the Public Lobbies view, even if players subsequently leave.


See also: Campaign

Players can host multiplayer campaign sessions with other players online. To do this, select "New Match" then "Host a Game", and when selecting a map the final tab will be for campaigns, including the official Double Trouble campaign. This will behave similarly to any other lobby, but the session will allow the players to go through multiple different stages through the campaign mode.

Note that through online play, you cannot change your commanders in the middle of the campaign, and will stay as Wulfar or Errol & Orla for the duration of the campaign.

If you wish to pause your campaign at any time, you can select from the menu "Mission" then "Suspend". This will take you back to your multiplayer lobby, and your Campaign will be listed as an active session.

Please note that selecting to "Leave Match" from the lobby menu, or "Abandon" from within the game, will automatically leave the campaign. You will be unable to rejoin, and any new campaigns will need to start from the first mission.

Game Settings[edit]

In Skirmish matches the player is able to modify various settings about the match ruleset. Some of these can be pre-defined by a map. You cannot currently modify the settings for Scenario matches.

Below is a list of all available settings, and their options. Not all options are selectable for all maps.

Setting Options Description Default
  • Random
  • Always Sunny
  • Always Windy
  • Always Severe
Weather conditions affect the speed, range, and criticals of some units. Depends on map
Turn Timer
  • Off
  • Turn: 30s - 5 min
  • Chess: 15 - 180 min
Choose how match time is limited: by turn length (Turn Timer) or overall match length (Chess Timer). Off
  • 20 - 500
How much income should be generated per village. 100
Fog of War
  • Disabled
  • Enabled
Affects how much of the map each player can see. Depends on map
  • Desert
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Volcano
Overall look of the map. Doesn't affect gameplay. Depends on map
  • Normal
  • Disabled
  • No Groove
Should commanders appear, and if so, can they use their grooves? Normal
  • Default
  • Free-for-All
  • 2v2
Is this a free-for-all, or are there two teams of two? Default


A feature exclusive to multiplayer sessions, the timer offers settings to restrict the amount of time players have to issue orders during their turns.

The timer continually counts down during gameplay, including when selecting units on menus, units moving, and ability animations such as the Hex spell or Commander Grooves. However, it will not count down during combat animations (if enabled) and during connection delays on poorer connections.

For online games, the turn timer for opponents will only update when they issue an order or the timer runs out, therefore the displayed time left may not be entirely accurate. The timer will count-down in real-time for the player's view during their turn.

Outside of Quickplay mode, the timer will only progress when the player is active within the match. Suspending the match will cause the timer to pause until they rejoin.

Turn Timer[edit]

A Turn timer defines a set amount of time per turn, ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. If the timer runs out, the current player's turn automatically ends.

Chess Timer[edit]

The Chess timer defines a set amount of time for the entire match, ranging from 15 minutes to 3 hours per player. If a player's timer runs out, the player instantly loses, similar to if their Commander or Stronghold is defeated.

Quickplay Timer[edit]

In Quickplay mode, a unique timer is used. This timer scales proportionally to the number of units you have on the map. The time given for a player's turn is 10 seconds per unit or structure under their control (including the Stronghold and Commander), for a minimum of 30 seconds, and to a maximum of 150 seconds (2 minutes and 30 seconds).

Quickplay mode's timer also runs in real-time, meaning it continues even if the player is not currently in the session, and if the timer ends it will automatically proceed to the next player's turn in their absense.


The Teams setting overrides the alliances of players on a map. The Default setting will always use what is specified by the map, for teams and turn order.

4 Player Skirmish[edit]

In 4 Player skirmishes, the 2v2 setting sets Players 1 and 2 as Team 1, and Players 3 and 4 as Team 2 (commonly referred to as 'AABB' format). In the case of custom maps where the teams use different players (i.e. 'ABBA' and 'ABAB' formats), this setting will override it, and may make some maps play very differently.

The Free-for-All setting will set every player to a distinct team of oppossing sides.

3 Player Skirmish[edit]

It is currently not possible to override the Teams setting of a 3 Player skirmish map. The teams will always use what is specified by the map.