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Wargroove supports multiplayer up to 4 human players in either online or local play. You can also add up to 4 AI players if the map/campaign supports it.[1]

Local Play[edit]

Local (or "Offline") is available for up to 4 human players. Players can play in hot-seat mode or their own controllers.

You can set the turn timer to either default (Asynchronous) or to a set time limit.

When selecting Commanders, you can assign which ones you want to be Human players and which ones that are AI players. You have to select the commander for the option to appear.

Nintendo Switch in handheld mode[edit]

Pass the Nintendo Switch back and forth in handheld mode.

By using handheld mode players can 'hide' what their battlefield looks like when playing with 'fog of war' enabled.


There are several modes for Online play.


Quickplay matches you with any available player in the quick-play queue. Quickplay is limited to 1v1.

There is a hidden rating for each player, to better match players with opponents of the same skill.

There is currently no way to determine or view your rating.

Hosted match[edit]

A hosted match is a game lobby started by a player. Players can then join the player with Join by Code in the multiplayer menu.

The host player can choose a variety of settings, but the available settings are limited by the map creator.

Game Settings[edit]

Note that these differ between online and local as well as depending on the map:

  • Turn Timer:
    • Default - This means the timer is disabled and the game is in effect, Asynchronous
    • Timers: 30s, 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute, 4 minute and 5 minutes
  • Income:
    • input value between 20 to 500
  • Teams
    • Set the team composition, if allowed by map

Comparison chart available settings[edit]

Setting Local play Online Play - Quickplay Online Play - Hosted
Asynchronous play Yes No Yes
Turn Timer Yes Fixed () No
Weather Yes* No* Yes*
Fog of war Yes* No* Yes*
Income Yes* No* Yes*
Biome No* No* No*
Commanders Yes* Yes* Yes*
Teams Yes No Yes
AI/bots Yes No No*
Setting Local play Online Play - Quickplay Online Play - Hosted

*Controlled by individual map settings

Comparison chart available gameplay modes[edit]

Mode Single player Local play Online Play - Quickplay Online Play - Hosted
Main campaign Yes No No No
Arcade Yes No No No
Puzzle Yes No No No
Custom Campaign Yes No No No
Custom Scenario Yes* Yes No Yes
Custom Skirmish Yes* Yes No Yes
Setting Single Player Local play Online Play - Quickplay Online Play - Hosted

*Controlled by individual map settings