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“Look! The statue's holding some kind of orb!”
— Horatio upon finding the first orb
Angel Statue's dialogue portrait
An angel statue

The Angel Statue is a mysterious type of statue found throughout the single player campaign, often found in hidden groves and giving a strange presense to any who venture out to find one.

It is central to unlocking the final secret of the game, but is inactive until 150 Stars Menu Icon Achievements.png have been obtained. When enough stars are collected, the statues carry strange orbs, with a total of 4 orbs to collect.

Locating the Orbs[edit]

No orb can be obtained until at least 150 Stars Menu Icon Achievements.png are obtained. It is not nessecary to complete Epilogue: The Enemy Within, despite this requiring 50 Stars more to unlock.

With 150 Stars Menu Icon Achievements.png, the player must visit each angel statue with Caesar during each of his playable missions. Dialogue will indicate the orb was obtained. The mission must be completed to maintain this progress. Each orb can only be obtained if all previous orbs are obtained; there is no penalty for visiting statues out of order, but you will not receive any orb until the condition is met. It is not required to play on Hard difficulty to obtain the orb, nor is there any turn limit, thus the player can complete this in easier difficulties. The orbs are received in chronological order, shown below.

  1. Act 2, Side Mission 1: Canine Justice
  2. Act 3, Side Mission 1: Puppy in the Middle
  3. Act 5, Side Mission 1: Dogged Perseverance
  4. Act 6, Side Mission 1: Salty Sea Dog


Upon collecting the fourth and final orb and finishing the mission, a cutscene will play, and the player will unlock a new Commander for use in Arcade Mode, Multiplayer Mode, the Codex, and the custom Map Editor.

This also enables access to the Fish codex.


Almost nothing is known about the statues. Despite their seemingly magical properties and notable terrain marking them, they are never once mentioned in the game.

Each statue carries an orb of a different colour, including Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow orbs. Individually the orbs appear to do very little, but when close together they glow and react, having some form of magical reaction.


If the player does not have enough stars, or visits the statue with any unit except Caesar, they will receive the default dialogue. Different dialogue will play if the player has met the conditions to receive an orb.

Angel Statue Dialogue

Default Angel Statue

Soldiers 2 Happy.png ...

Obtained Orb 1

Caesar Happy.png Woof woof!

Soldiers Neutral.png Look! The statue's holding some kind of orb!

Soldiers Happy.png Hmm... We should take it with us!

Obtained Orb 2

Caesar Happy.png Arf! Arooo!

Soldiers Happy.png Another orb! Let's take it.

Obtained Orb 3

Caesar Happy.png Arf! Arooo!

Soldiers Happy.png Another orb! Let's take it.

Obtained Orb 4

Caesar Happy.png Aroooo!

Soldiers Neutral.png Huh?! The orbs... they've started glowing!

Soldiers Happy.png I wonder what it means...? Let's get them out of here.


  • It is impossible to begin obtaining orbs from the first time you play the Campaign without skipping the side missions, as you will never be able to have 150 stars before reaching Act 2.
  • Every miission with an Angel Statue is the first Side Mission of an Act.
  • The Angel Statue is the only decoration to feature solid black outlines, similar to combat units on the map. This was likely to help it visually stand out.