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The complete Fish Codex

The Fish section of the Codex is an unlockable extra set of pages for recording the fish you've caught using the Gone Fishing Groove.

Catching fish is randomised, but the fish you will find are affected by location and conditions, which vary between fish.

There are a total of 18 fish. Upon catching all 18, including the Starfish, you will be rewarded with 1Menu Icon Achievements.png Star, and the Twinkling Tactician achievement

Available Fish[edit]

Name Appearance Location Rarity Requirements Codex Description
Piano Tuna Codex Fish Piano Tuna.png Anywhere Common None The piano tuna is named for its unique and complex mating cry, which many describe as sounding like a harmonious musical improvisation. It usually "sings" in B Minor.
Ginger Guppy Codex Fish Ginger Guppy.png Anywhere Common None This little round guppy is simply the cutest thing you'll find in the waters of Aurania. Not only is it visually adorable, but it's also very sweet-natured and eager to please. An excellent companion fish.
Jerkfish Codex Fish Jerkfish.png Anywhere Common None The common jerkfish has an unusual culinary property - the less happy it is, the worse it tastes when eaten. Unfortunately, it spends its life in a near-constant bad mood, rendering it almost permanently unpalatable. It is also rude.
Salty Bass Codex Fish Salty Bass.png Sea Common None As bitter in flavour as it is in temperament. To balance the flavour, it should be served with citrus fruit or cider vinegar. As for its temperament, there's nothing to be done.
Pinchmaster Codex Fish Pinchmaster.png Shore Common None The pinchmaster is a somewhat common sight on the beaches of Aurania. Burrowing partially underground, it disguises itself as a common (and delicious) beach orange. When a naive passer-by attempts to pick up the 'fruit', believing they've stumbled upon a tasty citrus snack, the cruel crustacean pinches their nose with gleeful depravity.
Fruitfrog Codex Fish Fruitfrog.png River Common None The fruitfrog is so named because it tastes like peaches in spring, tangerines in summer, apples in autumn and plums in winter. It is also highly poisonous.
Lemon Loach Codex Fish Lemon Loach.png Grass biome Uncommon None This brightly coloured bottom-feeder is known to freshen the waters in which it swims. While lemon loaches are delicious, their advocates encourage people to keep them as pets rather than eating them, citing their fresh, lemony scent as a compelling reason to do so.
Storm Jelly Codex Fish Storm Jelly.png Grass biome Uncommon Severe weather The storm jelly often emerges during thunderstorms, absorbing residual electricity from the air to maintain its own internal battery. It can discharge this electricity in small amounts to stun potential prey.
Lime Sole Codex Fish Lime Sole.png Grass biome Rare None These lime-green flatfish are hard to spot beneath the swaying aquatic plants of the lush waters they call home. This is perhaps for the best, as lime sole are somewhat grumpy when disturbed, and produce a glutinous, sour-smelling slime whenever their tranquil solitude is disrupted.
Eclectic Eel Codex Fish Eclectic Eel.png Ice biome Uncommon None Despite its lack of limbs, the eclectic eel manages to cultivate a varied and diverse skill set.
Dreadfish Codex Fish Dreadfish.png Ice biome Uncommon Severe weather When the undead warriors of Felheim are defeated in bodies of water, it is not unheard of for the necromantic magic that binds them to disperse, reviving the remains of nearby fish. Dreadfish are almost entirely harmless. What's more, lacking a digestive system, they do not need to eat. As a consequence, they make for low-cost, low-maintenance pets
Snuffish Codex Fish Snuffish.png Ice biome Rare None An attractive but dangerous creature, the snuffish spits an icy fluid when threatened... or excited... or mildly surprised.
Toy Koi Codex Fish Toy Koi.png Desert biome Uncommon None Ever so dainty and ever so elegant, the diminutive toy koi is prized for its grace and beauty.*

*The Toy Koi is not an actual toy, and should not be played with.

Clockwork Fish Codex Fish Clockwork Fish.png Desert biome Uncommon Severe weather Several hundred clockwork fish are released by Heavensong ecologists each year and used to monitor water quality. They are attractive and engaging little mechanical creatures. On fine, bright days, young children seek them out and make a game of chasing them through the shallows. They are affectionately known as ticktocks.
Red Flapper Codex Fish Red Flapper.png Desert biome Rare None When even mildly excited, it will loudly clap its front fins together in noisy appreciation. The sound travels extremely far underwater, to the irritation of all other aquatic species. Needless to say, the red flapper is a very unpopular fish.
Boot Codex Fish Boot.png Anywhere Common None Whilst the denizens of Aurania have a general respect for their environment, it isn't unheard of for old footwear to find its way to the bottom of rivers and oceans. While it isn't itself a fish, there might possibly be one living inside it. Possibly...
Chucklefish Codex Fish Chucklefish.png Anywhere Rare Severe weather Hehehe! You found me!
Starfish Codex Fish Starfish.png Anywhere Common
  • Caught all 17 fish
  • Have 199 Stars
It is the mark of a great angler to catch the starfish, for although they are numerous, they are also extremely elusive. Once a starfish has been caught, it forms an instant attachment to the individual who hooked it, and will wish to stay with them forever. They produce a soft, tuneful song when exposed to the light of the evening star, though only while that celestial body still hangs low in the sky.


See also: Unlocking Mercival

The Fish Codex is automatically unlocked upon unlocking Mercival.

Each entry of the Codex will show up once Mercival has caught the respective fish at least one time.


  • Prior to the Double Trouble DLC, the Starfish was the 200th and final Star in the game.
    • Despite the description of the Twinkling Tactician achievement, the criteria is actually the Starfish, and not to reach 200 Stars.
  • Virtually every fish name is a pun of some type.
    • Word puns are often reffered to as "Dad jokes". Their inclusion is possibly in reference to the fish being caught by Mercia's father.
  • The Chucklefish is a direct reference to the development team's mascot character.
  • The Starfish is the only fish that can only be caught once.
  • The Snuffish and Jerkfish are types of fish from Starbound[1][2].
    • The Snuffish is found in oceans and come in several varieties. It is noted they are "easily surprised".
    • The Jerkfish, similar to in WarGroove, is common and caught in any condition so long as it is a normal ocean.
  • In the Codex entry for Heronguard is a reference to the 'Sailfish', found at the Scorched Beach in eastern Heavensong. However, these fish cannot be obtained and are never seen.
    • The are described as 'lightning-fast' and caught using spear-fishing, implying they cannot be caught by simple fishing techniques.


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