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My name is Emo Tarquin. I'm an active community member found on the Official Discord and a regular member of the wiki. You may see me around the wiki as I continue my efforts to update all of the pages with more versatile templates, and update pages for all of the new Double Trouble content.

If you ever want my help with anything, be it where to find info, how to make event-driven custom maps, or whatever else, just send a message on my Talk page, or message me on Reddit or the Discord. I'm always happy to help!

Don't mind the gigantic mess in the Sandbox section. This is just where I go to make sure my new templates and modifications will actually work, before I break any pages. I'm not the most tidy gal ' ='

Personal Projects[edit]

Time to flex my creations and fulfill my ego. (◕ ﺮ ◕✿)

Here I'll list some of my Wargroove-related projects that I've made.


Puzzle Map - Hounding the Outlaws[edit]

I made a puzzle map entitled Hounding the Outlaws in July 2020. It successfully got the Community Choice Award (#10) and featued on the Community Maps Spotlight #22! Thanks everyone who appreciated my work.

You can still find the map in the custom maps browser with the code QQ56DE39.

Turing Complete Computing in Wargroove[edit]

A custom map I am working on showcases a Turing Complete computer with its own bespoke programming language. It currently has 70 different instructions, 15 storage registers, a 6x6 10-colour graphical display, and operates at about 15 instructions per second!

My end goal is to literally program a game of pong onto this thing.

The map has not been released yet. It's still a work in progress!

Spectator Sports - Twitchy Tributaries[edit]

A custom map that provides a 1v1 arena for two players, and the third player acts as a spectator with map-altering abilities, ranging from gifting free units, to setting off nukes and smokescreens around the map! It has occasionally featured on streams, and is currently in Version 1.2.

You can download the map at the code 5F2E4UZZ.


Wargroove Retranslated[edit]

This is a joke mod that translates every piece of text (yes, all of it) through Google Translate many times. The result is some hilariously bad character rewrites and extremely confusing naming for... well, everything.

You can find the mod published on!


Under the Faded Sun[edit]

This piece was drawn in honour to Fadedsun, reviving a famous game-ending play made during a tournament into a comic-book style. This actually won a fanart contest for the tournament, and thus how I earned my PC version of the game.

That said, I actually want to work on it again at some point. I rushed the end of it, so I didn't get to do all of the shading all over, which annoys me to no end, hah.

File Authorship[edit]

The following files on the Wargroove Wiki are authored by myself. Feel free to re-use the files, but please credit myself as per the license. Otherwise, go nuts (◕ ワ ◕✿)

Sandbox (Non-important working space)[edit]

Desert biome backgrounds