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“In designing Wargroove, it was important to us to empower players to create their own content and stories, and the Campaign Editor is a key part of that. It’s the same tool that Chucklefish is using internally to create the campaigns that will ship with the game, and will therefore empower you to create content on par with ours, or even better! ”
Dev blog
The campaign editor is a powerful tool which allows players to create custom campaign maps. Chucklefish developed this editor early in development, with the intention of using it to construct the game's campaigns and make available to players. It's a powerful developer tool which is included with the game on every platform.

The editor was developed as a tool simultaneously very powerful and easy to use, regardless of whether you’re using a mouse or gamepad. Scenario markers can be dropped on the world map, representing the different missions that players will encounter. They are then connected with paths (denoted by dotted lines), which represent the routes available to take between missions. Branching campaigns are fully supported, and players will be able to specify the conditions necessary for certain paths to become available. For example, a player might need to S-Rank a mission to reveal a secret encounter, or choices inside the mission might lead to different locations on the map.[1]