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Wargroove was developed with full controller support alongside keyboard/mouse support.

The game will dynamically overlay controller button icons on UI elements if a controller is detected interacting with the game. The default controller and keyboard bindings are outlined below

Keyboard & Mouse[edit]

In Game Map[edit]

Key Description
W Move Camera Up
A Move Camera Left
S Move Camera Down
D Move Camera Right
Left Click, Enter Unit: Movement grid
Recruitment Building: Building Menu
Non-unit/building square: End turn/Resign menu
Right Click * Get unit, building, or tile information for selected tile, close window/menu
* Skip animation (hold 2s)
Space Cycle trough friendly units (forward)
Backspace Cycle trough friendly units (backward)
Tab Bring up the overview
Esc Close overview, Main menu (End Turn, Overview, Mission)

In Menu Window[edit]

Key Description

Move up list
Move down list
Left Click, Enter Select option, confirm
Right Click, Esc Close window

Xbox One / Xbox 360 Controller[edit]

Button Description

Left Joystick

Move selection cursor/selected unit

Right Joystick
Move Camera

Open End Turn/Resign menu
A Select unit/menu option/confirm
B Get unit, building, or tile information for selected tile, close window/menu. Hold for 2 seconds during a fight animation to skip the animation.
LB Cycle (backwards) friendly units
RB Cycle (forward) friendly units