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Three commander portraits - (from left to right) Mercia, Ragna, and Tenri
“The Commanders are at the heart of Wargroove – a cast of exciting and energetic characters who each have their own distinct personalities and motivations. As well as acting as your avatars in-game, your Commanders will also be able to fight alongside your army as powerful units on the field. Be careful though, for if they fall, the battle is lost! ”
Dev Blog

Commanders are the most powerful unit type in Wargroove. They are the leaders of each army, and generally the only characters which speak with one another throughout the story.

Most maps limit the player to a single commander, and they cannot be recruited using buildings. Although they are the most powerful unit class, in many cases winning a match depends on their survival. On a number of maps, the player will lose the match if their commander is lost.

Each commander also has a unique musical theme.[1]


Battle sprites of the first nine commanders to be revealed.

Each commander can use a special move called a groove. Each groove is unique to the commander, with entirely different effects between them. Whereas the commander Mercia can use her groove to heal adjacent units, Valder can use his groove to conjure an entirely separate unit.[2]

A commander can only use his or her groove when their groove meter is filled to 100%, and using it depletes the meter to 0%. The meter fills under varying different conditions, including dealing and taking damage.[2]

Faction Commanders[edit]

Each faction has at least three unique commanders available. These commanders will always accompany units which are part of their faction.

Cherrystone Kingdom[edit]

Mercia Portrait Small.png
Emeric Portrait Small.png
Caesar Portrait Small.png
Mercia Emeric Caesar

Felheim Legion[edit]

Valder Portrait Small.png
Ragna Portrait Small.png
Sigrid Portrait Small.png
Valder Ragna Sigrid

Heavensong Empire[edit]

Tenri Portrait Small.png
Koji Portrait Small.png
Ryota Portrait Small.png
Tenri Koji Ryota

Floran Tribes[edit]

Greenfinger Portrait Small.png
Nuru Portrait Small.png
Sedge Portrait Small.png
Greenfinger Nuru Sedge


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