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Units in Wargroove include all characters the player can control during a match. Different unit types have their own strengths and weaknesses. There are over a dozen different types of units in Wargroove, all of which have varying statistics and production costs.

Each type of unit has an appearance and name unique to the faction to which it belongs, but the cost and capabilities of each unit type are the same between factions.

All units normally start with 100 HP. A unit can lose HP each time it is attacked or attacks, depending on whether or not the defending unit can retaliate. Units that are nearby friendly buildings can choose to "Reinforce", allowing them to spend for a proportional amount of gold to heal. Once a unit reaches 0 HP it is destroyed and removed from the battle.

Unit Types[edit]

See also: Unit Types

There are over a dozen different unit types in Wargroove, each of which has different capabilities.

Obtaining Units[edit]

There are several ways which a player can obtain units. On some maps they may be already placed, they may arrive at a certain point during the battle (determined by conditions on the map), or they can be produced from a building. There are three types of buildings which can produce units, and each type of building can only produce certain kinds of units:

Barracks Produces Land Units.
Tower Produces Air Units.
Port Produces Naval Units.
Hideout Produces Thieves and Riflemen.

Each building can only produce one unit per day. Producing a unit costs the player a certain amount of gold.

Different unit types cost different amounts of gold. For example, a Soldier unit is much less expensive than a Giant.


See also: Movement

Each unit has a Movement statistic, determined by its unit type, which is represented by a movement type and a number of movement points. The movement for Soldier unit, for example, is 4 (or "4 Walking").

Moving each square of terrain on the map costs the unit a certain number of movement points. Depending on the terrain and the unit's movement type, moving the unit one square forward costs a varying number of movement points. Since it has four movement points, a Soldier unit can normally move through up to four tiles in one day. Because its movement type is Walking, a soldier moves more slowly through difficult terrain like forests or mountains, and can't move at all through sea terrain, but can move through some terrain types other units cannot.

A unit may not move onto another unit's square (except for special conditions), and cannot move over enemy units.

Once a unit has moved it will appear darkened, indicating it can't move again until the next day.

Other circumstances such as abnormal weather, and commander Grooves, can also affect movement costs and movement points.

Critical Hits[edit]

Most units can deal increased damage given specific conditions. This increased damage is known as a "critical hit."[1] The conditions under which a unit performs a critical hit are different for each unit type, but while these conditions are met the unit's attacks will always result in a critical hit. For example, Mages deal extra damage when their defense is 3 or greater, and Archers always deal extra damage if they attack without having moved. The amount of extra damage, also known as the damage multiplier, is different for each unit - so it's not always +50% damage. For more details, refer to the Damage Matrix.


Transport units include Wagons and Balloons, which cannot attack but are capable of loading and moving other units. This can be useful for moving slow units quickly across the map.

Loading occurs when a unit moves on a space next to the transport unit. The unit is loaded into the transport, and when the transport moves, it carries and moves the loaded unit with it. A loaded unit cannot be damaged by any means, but it is destroyed if the transport unit is destroyed. A transport unit can drop off a loaded unit into an adjacent empty square, but the dropped unit is unable to move until the next day.


See also: Commanders

Commander units are a special unit type. Most maps limit the player to a single commander, and they cannot be recruited using buildings. Although they are the most powerful unit class, in many cases winning a match depends on their survival. On a number of maps, the player will lose the match if their commander is lost.


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