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This template is used to insert a unit type icon in-line. It can additionally color the box around it to either green, red, or blue to designate effective or vulnerable inside the unit infobox.


This template can be used by entering the following onto a relevant page.

{{UnitIcon|''unit type''|''eff or vul (optional)''}}



results in...


results in...


results in...

{{UnitIcon|soldier}}{{UnitIcon|dog}}{{UnitIcon|spearman}}{{UnitIcon|wagon}}{{UnitIcon|archer}}{{UnitIcon|mage}}{{UnitIcon|cavalry}}{{UnitIcon|ballista}}{{UnitIcon|trebuchet}}{{UnitIcon|giant}}{{UnitIcon|aeronaut}}{{UnitIcon|sky rider}}{{UnitIcon|dragon}}{{UnitIcon|balloon}}{{UnitIcon|amphibian}}{{UnitIcon|turtle}}{{UnitIcon|barge}}{{UnitIcon|harpoon ship}}{{UnitIcon|warship}}{{UnitIcon|commander}}{{UnitIcon|building}}{{UnitIcon|villager}}{{UnitIcon|rifleman}}{{UnitIcon|thief}}

results in...

Unit Type[edit]

This parameter accepts the unit type icon which displays.


This parameter accepts either 'eff' or 'vul' as an optional parameter. If 'eff' is entered the background behind the icon will color blue, if 'vul' the color will be red..