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This template creates an infobox for map pages.


{{Infobox Map
|name               = map/mission name
|mission            = Mission classification
|description        = mission overview text
|objectives         = Default objective of the mission
|thumbnail          = map image
|icon               = mission icon
|commanders         = comma-separated list of commanders
|opponents          = comma-separated list of opponent commanders
|reward_stars       = max number of stars that can be earned
|reward_stars_turns = max number of turns the player can take and still earn maximum stars
|srank              = max number of turns the player can take and still earn an S rank
|maptype            = map type
|puzzle             = map number for puzzle maps
|players            = number of players
|teams              = number of teams
|fog                = Yes or No
|villages           = number of Villages
|barracks           = number of Barracks
|tower              = number of Towers
|gate               = number of Gates
|watervillages      = number of Water Villages
|port               = number of Ports
|hideout            = number of Hideouts
|stronghold         = number of Strongholds
|unlocks            = any lore or bonuses the mission unlocks
|previous           = name of previous mission
|next               = name of next mission, or comma-separated list of unlocked missions


{{Infobox Map
|mission=Act 1, Mission 2
|name=A Plague of Skeletons
|description=The Felheim invasion begins in earnest.
|objectives=Neutralise all enemy structures.
|unlocks=[[Felheim]] codex entry
|previous=The Breach
|next=Worst Enemies Forever

Results in...

A Plague of Skeletons
Campaign: Act 1, Mission 2

Thumb A Plague of Skeletons.png

The Felheim invasion begins in earnest.
Neutralise all enemy structures.
Mercia Portrait Small.png
Ragna Portrait Small.png
Icon Village.png
Icon Barracks.png
Icon Hideout.png
Icon Stronghold.png
Icon Water Village.png
Icon Tower.png
Icon Port.png
Icon Gate.png
Map Type: Campaign
No. of Players: 1
Alliances: 1v1
Fog of War: No
Reward Stars: Menu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.pngMenu Icon Achievements.png (8 Turns)
S-Rank: 7 Turns
Felheim codex entry
Previous Map
Next Map
❮ The Breach
Worst Enemies Forever ❯