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The Floran Tribe is led by a plant-like race called the Floran. It was revealed through the announcement trailer as a faction.[1]

The default color for the Floran Tribe is green.


Nuru, Sedge and Greenfinger are the Floran commanders.

Greenfinger Portrait.png
Nuru Portrait.png
Sedge Portrait.png
Greenfinger Nuru Sedge

Ground Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Floran Soldier Map Sprite.png Slasher Soldier 100g 3 Yes
Quagmutt Map Sprite.png Quagmutt Dog 150g 5
Floran Spearman Map Sprite.png Stabber Spearman 200g 2 Yes
Image Missing.png Leaf Wagon Wagon 300g 12
Floran Archer Map Sprite.png Sniper Archer 450g 2 Yes
Image Missing.png Shaman Mage 450g 4 Yes
Floran Knight Map Sprite.png Greenguard Knight 600g 6
Image Missing.png Ballista Ballista 750g 6
Image Missing.png Treebuchet Trebuchet 900g 6
Image Missing.png Brawler Giant 1,200g 3

Air Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Image Missing.png Leafwing Harpy 600g 6
Image Missing.png Floran Witch Witch 800g 8
Image Missing.png Griffin Dragon 1,500g 7
Image Missing.png Floaty Thing Balloon

Sea Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Image Missing.png "Merman"
Image Missing.png "Turtle"
Image Missing.png "Boat"


  • Floran originally appeared as a playable race in Chucklefish's first game, Starbound.
  • Commander Nuru appeared in Starbound as well, as a key character in the game's story.


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