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The Felheim Legion is ruled by Valder. It was the second faction revealed through the development blog.[1]

The Felheim army is made up of undead warriors, populated largely by skeletons are other undead creatures.


Valder is the primary commander for the Felheim Legion. He created Ragna from the remains of other warriors using the powerful Fell gauntlet, and designates some leadership duties to her.

Valder Portrait.png

Ragna Portrait.png

Sigrid Portrait.png

Ground Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Dreadsword Map Sprite.png Dreadsword Soldier 100g 3 Yes
Dreadpupper Map Sprite.png Dreadpupper Dog 150g 5
Dreadspear Map Sprite.png Dreadspear Spearman 200g 2 Yes
Bone Wagon Map Sprite.png Bone Wagon Wagon 300g 12
Skelly Archer Map Sprite.png Skelly Archer Archer 450g 2 Yes
Plague Doctor Map Sprite.png Plague Doctor Mage 450g 4 Yes
Dreadknight Map Sprite.png Dreadknight Knight 600g 6
Ballista Blue Map Sprite.png Ballista Ballista 750g 6
Trebuchet Blue Map Sprite.png Trebuchet Trebuchet 900g 6
Revenant Map Sprite.png Revenant Giant 1,200g 3

Air Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Vampire Map Sprite.png Vampire Harpy 600g 6
Wraith Map Sprite.png Wraith Witch 800g 8
Hellbat Map Sprite.png Fellbat Dragon 1,500g 7
Felheim Balloon Map Sprite.png Balloon

Sea Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Image Missing.png "Merman"
Image Missing.png "Turtle"
Image Missing.png "Boat"


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