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Unit Icon Spearman.png
Spearman Battle Sprite.png
Unit Type
Spearman Map Sprite.png
Slower, more powerful infantry. Critical hit when adjacent to another spearman.
Recruited at Barracks
Cost: Gold Icon.png 200
Movement: 2
Range: 1
Capture: Yes
“No matter what faction they belong to, the Spearman can always be identified by their crouching, spear-ready stance.”

Spearman are medium powered ground units which can capture buildings. They're available to recruit from a Barracks for 200 gold.

Their spears give them a particular advantage over attacking beasts, so the Spearman can hold its own against Dogs and the much more expensive Knight. Their passive ability gives them a damage increase when positioned alongside another Spearman, giving them strength in numbers. A Spearman wall can be a formidable defense![1]

Passive Ability[edit]

When they're positioned either beside, above, or below another spearman while attacking they'll deal increased damage.

Spearman Units[edit]

Unit Name Faction
Spearman Map Sprite.png Spearman Cherrystone Kingdom
Dreadspear Map Sprite.png Dreadspear Felheim Legion
Heavensong Spearman Map Sprite.png Heavensong Empire
Floran Spearman Map Sprite.png Stabber Floran Tribes


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