Cherrystone Kingdom

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The Cherrystone Kingdom is ruled by Queen Mercia. It was the first faction revealed through the development blog.[1]


Mercia is the lead commander for the Cherrystone Kingdom, along with her advisor and the Cherrystone Kingdom's Royal Mage Emeric and the Royal dog Caesar.

Mercia Portrait.png Emeric Portrait.png Caesar Portrait.png
Mercia Emeric Caesar

Ground Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Swordsman Map Sprite.png Swordsman Soldier 100g 3 Yes
Doggo Map Sprite.png Doggo Dog 150g 5
Spearman Map Sprite.png Spearman Spearman 200g 2 Yes
Wagon Map Sprite.png Wagon Wagon 300g 12
Archer Map Sprite.png Archer Archer 450g 2 Yes
Alchemist Map Sprite.png Alchemist Mage 450g 4 Yes
Paladin Map Sprite.png Paladin Knight 600g 6
Ballista Map Sprite.png Ballista Ballista 750g 6
Trebuchet Map Sprite.png Trebuchet Trebuchet 900g 6
Golem Map Sprite.png Golem Giant 1,200g 3

Air Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Harpy Map Sprite.png Harpy Harpy 600g 6
Witch Map Sprite.png Witch Witch 800g 8
Dragon Map Sprite.png Dragon Dragon 1,500g 7
Balloon Map Sprite.png Balloon Balloon

Sea Units[edit]

Unit Name Type Cost Move Capture
Merman Map Sprite.png "Merman"
Turtle Map Sprite.png "Turtle"
Boat Map Sprite.png "Boat"