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Wiki Editing Advise[edit]

Hello there Maxer145 2! I noticed recently you made some edits to the wiki, and for that I extend thanks :) However, you made some major errors in your edits and had to rollback your work. Below I've provided some information that should hopefully explain the issues. If you have any questions, please just reply by editing this topic with your own message!

1) Redirect pages:

The page "Garrison" you edited is a "redirect" page, the only contents of it is a message immediately linking to user to a page on the Buildings page. This is because the Garrison itself doesn't have enough content to be a dedicated page, so when someone types "Garrison" into the search bar, or another page links to "Garrison", it instantly sends them to the correct place to find the information. A redirect page virtually never wants to actually contain any readable content, because users are not intended to read on redirect pages.

2) Non-personal Content

The wiki, like most wikis, is never a source of personal material, and is intended to be a collection of information and knowledge as a sort of documentation. For this reason, it's important not to put your own name on any pages not specifically about yourself (such as your user page), because this will never be suitable for a wiki's content. Especially as anyone can edit, leaving names behind is a bit awkward as it'd rapidly be the works of dozens of people. That said if you want to make your own versions of a page for some major overhaul, you can make a sub-page (this is a more advanced technique and rarely applied here, so don't worry about it too much).

3) Consistent Content Type

The edit you made provided some good information: Buildings can and will defeat weaker units in a 1-on-1 fight. However, this is a behaviour spawned from the base combat mechanics, and we have 27 unit types (excluding hidden ones) in the game, we do not need to explain how good or bad these units fight when explaining the mechanics of a Garrison. This page mostly explains mechanics, not strategy, so you should avoid telling situational information, and instead communicate how it works. You can, however, provide sections of Strategy, for example on the Soldiers page you can bring this up in their Strategy section, or in the Damage Matrix as a relevant interaction (a plan I wish to implement soon is the Damage Matrix sections of unit pages will tell key notes on notable interactions, soldiers losing to buildings is definitely one of them). The Buildings page is in need of a small rework, but adding a Strategy section is not out of the question, so we could always put that kind of information into Building#Strategy.

I hope these were helpful guidelines. If you're new to using a wiki, no problem, feel free to ask for help on working with the systems, I understand it can be confusing at times.

Emo Tarquin (talk) 03:39, 27 February 2021 (UTC)

April Fools[edit]

Please consider this your final warning that any future vandalism, spam, or jokes will result in a permanent ban from the wiki. Thank you, Margotbean (talk) 02:27, 2 April 2021 (UTC)