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Regarding your recent edits - Wiki standards[edit]

Hey there Maxer, Emo Tarquin here, I make a lot of the edits on this wiki and recently I've noticed a lot of your own edits! It's great that you want to contribute, but unfortunately a lot of them are not very appropriate and I feel I have to roll back an unhealthy number of these. It seems you might be unfamiliar with some designs of wikis.

If you are unsure about things, please feel free to use Talk pages for articles! Last thing I want to do is make you feel annoyed that I'm undoing all your work. I've left below some advise that you might find helpful :)

  • Make sure to use apropritate prose and tense. For example if something is not known but a place is written for it, use a standard signifier, or "Currently unknown", not "I think" as the wiki article is not a discussion page, but a document and article of the wiki.
  • Respect continuity, if some information is explicitly based on an in-game text in all other articles, do not break this continuity for one specific case even if somewhat obtuse, instead make note of this information elsewhere in the article. If pages follow a consistent order, format, etc. then try to avoid making inconsistencies unless it warrants something very particular (like how the Summons units have some different headers due to peculiar mechanics compared to other units).
  • Try to avoid redundant, irrelevant, or poorly associated information. Bringing up topics that aren't relevant to the topic is usually unnessecary, and best kept to their appropriate pages. If you want to make specific note to these things, they are often best either as Trivia, a "See also" tag on a header (e.g. how Movement links to Terrain and vice versa), or made a specific note of if it's strictly important.
  • Avoid personal or subjective content. "Harder Mode" is not a thing in this game, and thus doesn't suit the nature of a wiki of WarGroove. Exceptions exist, for example when a wiki collates information of its community--such as plans involving integrating Groove of War's competitive maps to a segment of the wiki, or listing available community guides for missions. These are still not personal content, but a reflection of community information, and is not determined by individual interprettations. Speculative, individual, and personal content is often kept to its talk pages, and articles may refer to these if it's of particular interest. E.g. theorising about Errol and Orla's parents might be noted in trivia as a possibility, based on discussions, but usually if it has significant community relevance.
  • Avoid leaving any pages or sections which are "broken". Headered areas that have no content and placed weirdly, irregularly placed URLs or titles, etc. The main goal is for the wiki content to look like a formal documentation, so it's important for it to avoid any clearly misplaced or badly formatted content.

Edit: Additionally, if you'd like to sandbox anything you're doing, feel free to use the Template:Sandbox page. I made it specifically so there's a place you can edit freely. Even if you don't want to sandbox template behaviours, it's a perfectly safe area for getting a feel for how the Wiki likes to behave with various tools :)

Emo Tarquin (talk) 22:41, 26 October 2020 (UTC)