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Groove of War is a competitive event organisation for Wargroove events. Founded by Discord user "Skitz" in 2019, Groove of War has run the largest number of competitive events for Wargroove. Primarily a community staffed event, several Groove of War events have received social media and prize support from Chucklefish Games.


Groove of War[edit]

The largest Groove of War events are the open bracket tournament events "Groove of War <#>". As of 2019, there have been 3 main series tournaments. These have been run in a variety of formats, with the latest event running in a Double Elimination style format.

Test Your Mettle[edit]

After Groove of War 3, the event series "Test Your Mettle" was founded. These events are held monthly (with exceptions) with the primary focus to provide a platform for players to find matches. Test Your Mettle features a round-robin format with games taking place over multiple weeks.