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The Heavensong Empire's banner
“The Heavensong Empire has many territories beyond the seas that circle the land of Aurania, but the heart of the empire beats within its shores. The members of its army each wear a golden animal mask that designates their role and discipline.”
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The Heavensong Empire is one of four nations that inhabit the continent of Aurania. It is ruled by Empress Tenri, and sits on the West in a desert land with bright sands.


The Heavensong Empire is ruled by the wise Empress Tenri, and mother to the heir, Prince Koji, a genius mechanic responsible for the nation's greatest creations, including Tenko, the battle puppet. Their massive army is lead by Tenri's loyal general, Ryota.










The locations of Heavensong

Cuckoo Oasis[edit]

An oasis in central Heavensong where Shiba Inu are bred before being transported to the grasslands.[1]

Dragon's Graveyard[edit]

An area of desert south of the Imperial City where the skeletons of many dead dragons rest. The sand from this area is used to make glass razors for Heavensong's Harpoon Ships, and the restored skeletons of dragons were used to model the Ryuu MK I.[1]

The Gilded Desert[edit]

Northeastern Heavensong is dominated by this vast desert, on the northern half of the border with the Lost Leagues. This is where Heavensong's Lionblades are given rigorous training.[1]

Glittering Peaks[edit]

A massive mountain range in southern Havensong, rich in gemstones that give it the name. Heavensong's Hawkeyes practise archery atop these.[1] Within the mountains are the Glittering Mines, presumably where gemstones are extracted.

Heavensong Borderlands[edit]

An area south of Talon Lake, on the southern half of the border with the Lost Leagues. It is home to the Kappa, an independent clan loyal to the Empire.[1]

The Imperial City[edit]

The capital city of the Heavensong Empire, on the northeast coast of Aurania, and the home of Empress Tenri and Prince Koji. The Oni MK I—predecessor of the Oni MK II—are regularly used for construction within the city.[1]

Scorched Beach[edit]

The desert coast east of the Dragon's Graveyard. Here, Heavensong's Heronguard train by spear-fishing for sailfish, and the Merfolk collect brightly coloured shells from its shores.[1]

Sizzlepalm Forest[edit]

A palm tree oasis south of the Scorched Beach.

Talon Lake[edit]

A large claw-shaped lake in western Heavensong, near the home of the Kappa clan.[1]

Mask Symbolism[edit]

Both Heavensong Empire Commanders and Units wear masks that represent their attributes.

  • Mask of the Lion: Ferocity. Worn by Lionblades.
  • Mask of the Heron: Speed and grace. Worn by Heronguards.
  • Mask of the Monkey: Unknown. Worn by drivers of Wagons, Trebuchets, Balloons, and Ballistas.
  • Mask of the Hawk: Keen eye and affinity with the wind. Worn by Hawkbows.
  • Mask of the Bear: Great strength and inner tranquility. Worn by Thunderbears.
  • Mask of the Dragon: "Piloting a giant dragon". Worn by Ryuu pilots.
  • Mask of the Tiger: Speed, grace, and dignity. Worn by Tigerblades.
  • Mask of the Koi: Aquatic grace. "Worn" by Kappa, as well as the Kappa drivers of Barges, Warships, and Harpoon Ships.
  • Mask of the Owl: Balance in all things. Worn by Stormowls.
  • Mask of the Tengu: Spiritual connection to the Heavens. Worn by Tengu.
  • Mask of the Ox: Power and resilience. Worn by Oni pilots.
  • Mask of the Hare: Nimble swiftness. Worn by Fleetfoots and Ryota.
  • Mask of the Eagle: Excellence. Worn by Eagle-Eyes.


  • The Heavensong Empire was first revealed in the Wargroove announcement trailer, and Tenri (then called "Hakuchou") was the first commander shown.[2]